'Blade' is one of the eight classes of the NVR. As the name implies, participants of the Blade class tend to use swords, daggers, and knives. This does not include spears, maces and other weapons that might be wrongly associated with the Blade class.

Combat Edit

Weapons Edit

The following weapons used by the Blade class are known:

  • Sword (broadsword, katana etc. are all included)
  • Dagger (often dual-wielded)
  • Knife (uncommon, mostly used by assassins)

Fighting style Edit

Blades strike quickly and deadly. They often use a small amount of enhancing magic that is exclusively taught to Blades. In bigger fights; blades tend to either assassinate magicians by flanking or help the guardians taking out the frontlines.

Strengths Edit

  • Deadly strikes
  • High speed
  • Tends to have enhancing magic

Weaknesses Edit

  • Predictable
  • Must get close to their target
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