'Combatant' is one of the eight classes of the NVR. Combatants are the most diverse class since it's a class where every participant gets placed who doesn't belong to any of the other classes. Furthermore, most participants of the Combatant class have inherited their technique from their parents. Combatant mentors do not exist due to the diversity.


Weapons Edit

The following weapons used by the Combatant class are known:

Fighting style Edit

Combatants vastly differ from each other, but they are generally offensive and have a few tricks up their sleeve to win fights. They are very unpredictable because of their strange weapons compared to the traditional classes, which they often use to their advantage by surprising the enemy.

Strengths Edit

  • Unpredictable

Their other strengths heavily depend on the type of Combatant.

Weaknesses Edit

Their other weaknesses heavily depend on the type of Combatant.

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