All participants are placed in a tier. The tier system was made by the Ancient Novillians. There are technically eight tiers, but since the last tier only contains the champion, most civilians refer to the system as 'The seven tiers'.

Tiers Edit

The eight tiers are as following (ascending in power):

Tier Name Description Perks
1 Copper The weakest participants, though they are stronger than civilians. The tier is heavily looked down upon. Is recognized as a participant of the preparation phase.
2 Bronze The most common tier, though they are looked down upon as well by the higher tiers. Most guilts have Bronze as their minimum tier requirement.
3 Silver They are stronger than the average participant, resulting in more frequent aggressive behavior like raiding and mugging compared to the lower tiers. Is stronger than the average participant.
4 Gold They are often guild leaders of smaller guilds. Participants with the Gold tier tend to be about as strong as a Jaqora. Meets the requirement to enter most stronger guilds. Participants of the Gold tier start to be respected by most participants.
5 Jade They are quite rare and tend to spend most of their time hunting Jaqora for rewards. Some of them also hunt other participants, often referred to as Bounty Hunting. Is stronger than most wild monsters. Most well-paying quests and bounties are exclusive to participants of the Jade tier or higher. Gains the permission to join the NVR.
6 Diamond Likely the strongest tier most participants will see in their life. They are extremely skilled in their class and lead the strongest guilds of Novillium. Can join any guild, can fight almost any monster alone and may mentor the children of royalty.
7 Grandmaster An extremely rare tier since it may only contain one participant per class. Because there are only eight Grandmasters, most participants will never see one in their life, let alone become one. Has almost no risk of death during their prime. Is the most powerful participant of a particular class.
8 Champion The winner of the NVR. Obtains the Novillian Crown.
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